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Block Ops Support:

Controls: Slide to the left, slide to the right, criss cross!

Weapons:Ak-47,Sniper Rifle,And Mp5.

Multiplayer:Fight to survive against friends or foes,Make forts,Or Go on a killing spree!

Campaign:Fight aginst terrorist in many places,With destructive environment.

Known bugs and errors:Unable to reload,Being disconnected in multiplayer.

To contact the developer via email:
Picture from BlockOps
Gamemaker22Added by Gamemaker22

Block ops:ZOMBIES!

Controls:Swipe left side of screen to move, swipe center-right side of screen to look around.

Weapons:Raygun,Ak-47,Sniper Rifle,And much more!

Multiplayer:Fight a never-ending wave of zombies while building a base with friends!

Known bugs and errors:Being disconnected in multiplayer, genital lice.

To contact the developer via email:

If you still not interested, Touch this green text More Blockops info

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