Crafting is the method of creating new items using resources and one of four Utilities: Workbench, Furnace, Anvil, and Oven. The recipe is listed in the lower right section of the screen when the crafting menu is open (press MENU when facing the crafting utility). The interface will tell you have much of each item you need to craft each recipe.


Utility Requirements Items


Wood x 5

Wood Axe
Wood Hoe
Wood Pick
Wood Shovel
Wood Sword

Stone x 5
Wood x 5

Stone Axe
Stone Hoe
Stone Pick
Stone Shovel
Stone Sword


Iron Ingot x 5
Wood x 5

Iron Axe
Iron Hoe
Iron Pick
Iron Shovel
Iron Sword

Gold Ingot x 5
Wood x 5

Gold Axe
Gold Hoe
Gold Pick
Gold Shovel
Gold Sword

Gem x 50
Wood x 5

Gem Axe
Gem Hoe
Gem Pick
Gem Shovel
Gem Sword


Utility Requirements


Iron Ingot x 5


Stone x 20


Stone x 15


Wood x 20


Wood x 20

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