Items are objects the player can carry in their Inventory. The player starts off with the Powerglove and Workbench in their inventory, while other items can only be obtained through exploration, mining, crafting, smelting, and hunting.

  • Utilities are items that can be stored in the inventory or placed as usable, retrievable blocks in the world (with the exception of the Pow Glove).
  • Weapons are tools designed to inflict maximum damage on enemies.
  • Tools allow the player to mine, farm, and collect resources more easily - certain resources cannot be obtained if the right tool is not used.
  • Resources are items that are collected from the environment.
    • Food resources are eaten by the player to restore health (15px).
    • Monster resources are dropped by Mobs when killed.
    • Plant resources are derived from farming, Trees, Grass, Flowers, and Cacti.
    • Mineral resources are crafting items collected through digging, mining, or smelting.